NHL "Cincinnati Silverbacks"

Team Branding

The NHL (National Hockey League) has been around for over 100 years and has provided endless entertainment for fans all across the world. All 31 teams have a strong identity, logo, and overall brand image that fits into the NHL and the rest of the organization. As a kid, it was always a dream of mine to build a professional sports team so why not bring that dream to life? After looking through the organization's history, different logotypes, fonts, and environmental designs I then knew what I needed to execute this project in order for my team to come to life. The Cincinnati Silverbacks provide a team for the city of Cincinnati while giving off a fierce aggressive tone towards their opponents. One of the reasons I picked the Gorilla for the main logo was because of the Cincinnati Zoo. One of their “All-Star animals” is the gorilla and I thought that the appeal of the Gorilla fit the overall image of hockey while still connecting to Cincinnati. The jerseys, ticket, billboard, and flag all fit towards the brand’s image while showing it off in a few different ways that fans might see when attending games.